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Focusing on exposing the devil’s thrones of iniquity which are established in Maryland.

For Church Intercessory Prayer Groups Only. 


In The Future War of the Church, Prophet Chuck Pierce writes that the Holy Spirit is directing the Church to identify and dismantle geographical thrones of iniquity, so that the captives may be released to know God and His great love through an awesome last-days outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  Every Maryland intercessor should have a copy of this book for study, along with its companion Worship Warrior.  

The purpose of this brief history therefore, is to help identify individual and corporate sin in Maryland from its beginning — and to the present — so that we might, through intercessory prayer, begin to dismantle and pull down those thrones of iniquity which the devil has set up.

Compiler’s note: 

After many hours of study from the internet on the above subject, I was reminded that during the mid 1500s to 1700s, history records much hatred, murders, tortures, and evil acts by and between Catholics and Protestants, both in Europe and Maryland.  I believe this enmity is one of the original and most powerful iniquitous thrones of the devil in Maryland, and it must be destroyed. 

Secondly, The Queen of Heaven, Great Deceiver from B.C. (See Confronting The Queen of Heaven, by C. Peter Wagner), and religious traditions were also brought here to Maryland in the beginning.  These likewise are powerful thrones of iniquity, holding multitudes in darkness to misdirected worship and very subtly distracting many Christians in Maryland from the life and work of the Holy Spirit. 

Thirdly, the contemporary rebellion in 1963 of Madeline Murray (O’Hare) in having the Bible and prayer removed from our schools in Baltimore, Maryland and the entire United States, has resulted in generations of our youth living undisciplined and unprincipled atheistic lives, and has no doubt condemned multitudes to be eternally lost from their Creator.

 In a TV interview with Benny Hinn in autumn of 2005, Prophet Chuck declared that the future war of the Church that he wrote about in 2001 had become the “present” war.  “The Holy Spirit spoke that the time is now.”  Could this war by the intercessors in Maryland be the beginning of the change which would fulfill the prophetic utterance he gave earlier at Hope Christian Center in March 2004, “that Maryland would be known as the ‘Reversal State’ which would be noticed by and affect the entire nation?”  I believe it is the hour to dethrone Satan from these and many other thrones of iniquity listed herein and others yet to be uncovered. Now is the time for Maryland intercessors to establish, claim and declare by faith that Jesus Christ is Lord of the State of Maryland and that He sits upon His Throne herein to the glory of God.           

 The Word of God instructs us that our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness in the world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Eph 6:12).  Jesus prayed in John 17:21, “That they all may be one, as You Father are in Me, and I in You, that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me.”  This is the hour, for the Agape love of God between Christians to become visible to the world, even as Jesus commanded in John 13:34-35.  “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, as I have loved you, that you also love one another.  By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” 

Respectfully submitted, Tom Reinecke, 12/31/05



1632 Charles I grants charter to Cecilius Calvert, 2nd Lord Baltimore, for Province of Maryland

1633 The Ark and the Dove sets sail for Maryland from Cowes, England.

1635 Leonard Calvert, a Catholic, is Maryland's first governor (brother of George, 1st Lord Baltimore).

1645 Ingle's Rebellion in Maryland

1649 William Stone, a Protestant, is appointed governor of Maryland

1649 Maryland enacts an Act Concerning Religion (religious tolerance)

1650 Puritans revolt against proprietary government and set up a new government that outlawed both Catholicism and Anglicanism

1658 The Calvert Family regains control and re-enacted The Toleration Act.

1689  William III & Mary II are crowned King & Queen of England

1689 The Protestant Association, seized control of the colony and demands that England take over the government.

1691 The English Crown appoints a royal governor

1708 The seat of government was moved to Providence, renamed Annapolis in honor of Queen Anne.

1715 The Calvert family regains control of Maryland under Benedict Leonard Calvert, the fourth Lord Baltimore who was a Protestant

1718 Roman Catholics in Maryland lose the right to vote (until Revolutionary War).

[1774 Lovely Lane (Mother Church of American Methodism) built on St. Paul St., Baltimore]

[1821 Baltimore Cathedral of Assumption of BVM (First Roman Catholic Cathedral in America) completed]



Focusing on exposing the devil’s thrones of iniquity which are established in Maryland.

The First 80+ Years

Maryland was the only American Colony out of the original 13 to be settled by a Roman Catholic.

George Calvert, First Lord Baltimore

Cecil Calvert, Second Lord Baltimore

Charles Calvert, Third Lord Baltimore

Benedict Leonard Calvert, Fourth Lord Baltimore


Excerpts from websites listed below, both Catholic & Protestant

www.companionsofstanthony.com, Faith at Folly Quarter

www.Is.net, The Rev Theodore C. Gambrall

www.pbministries.org, The Baptists in Maryland & New Hampshire

www.marylandtheseventhstate.com The Great Seal of Maryland

[Comments in brackets] added by compiler for clarification

“In 1625, George Calvert was raised to peerage in recognition of his devotion and exemplary service as Secretary of State under James I [King of England].  Calvert was named the first Baron of Baltimore of County Longford in Ireland.  In 1627, Calvert sailed to Virginia to explore the lands along the Chesapeake, after having taken up colonizing activities with two other Catholic families, the Howards and Arundells. In 1632, King Charles I graciously acceded to his desire for a colony free of religious oppression. Unfortunately, George Calvert died that same year. The charter was given to Calvert’s eldest son, Cecil, who promptly named the new colony “Maryland,” after Henrietta Maria, the Catholic Queen [of England] of Charles I.    

The Ark and the Dove set sail in 1633 with the first settlers--Protestants, Catholics, and three Jesuit missionaries [friends of Lord Baltimore], who landed at St. Clement Island [in what is now a part of southern Maryland] and “erected a cross and offered the first Catholic Mass [in the new world] and with devotion took solemn possession of the Country, March 25, 1634.” (from diary of Catholic  missionary Fr. Andrew White, Jesuit priest). 

The most extravagant claims have been made by Roman Catholics in regard to the introduction of religious liberty into Maryland.  Cardinal Gibbons says: Turning to our own country, it is with no small degree of satisfaction that I point to the State of Maryland as the cradle of civil and religious liberty, and "the land of the sanctuary." Of the thirteen original American colonies, Maryland was the only one settled by Catholics. She was also the only one that spread aloft over her fair lands the banner of liberty of conscience and invited the oppressed of other colonies to seek an asylum beneath its shadow (Gibbons, Faith of our Fathers).  Cardinal Gibbons does not appear to understand liberty of conscience. For further on he remarks: "The church is, indeed, intolerant in this sense, that she can never confound truth with error; nor can she admit that any man is conscientiously free to reject the truth when its claims are convincingly brought home to his mind" (Gibbons).

Lord Baltimore in the colony, in 1628, forced the baptism of a Protestant child against the wish and protest of the father. The record is as follows: Lord Baltimore arrived in the colony about the 23d July, 1627, with two seminary priests, but left for England and returned with another priest and about forty Papists. Every Sunday, mass and all the ceremonies of the Church of Rome are performed. The child of one William Pool, a Protestant, was baptized into the Church of Rome contrary to the, will of his father (Colonial State Papers).

The General Assembly, at St. Mary’s, on March 19, 1638, attempted to establish the Roman Catholic religion as that of the State. "Holy Church within this province shall have all her rights and liberties safe, whole and inviolable in all things" (Proceedings of the Acts of the Assembly of Maryland, I. 40). The reason Holy Church was not made the establishment is obvious. "It is probable," says Bozman, "however, that they felt themselves checked in carrying these intentions into execution by the reflection of their being still under the superintending domination of the Protestant hierarchy of the mother country, and therefore they permitted heretics to become colonists among them; though it does not appear that these heretics or Protestants enjoyed any immunity than a mere toleration of residence and a security in the protection of their persons and property" (Bozman, II.). It is certain Protestants were annoyed and had few or no privileges.

Richard Ingle (1609-1653) was an English colonial seaman and tobacco trader in the American colonies who took over the government of the colony of Maryland in 1645.  He was born in England  around 1609 into a protestant family that schooled him. He became a trader and ship captain. When the English Civil War broke out, Ingle sided with the Puritans. He fell out with the catholic leaders of Maryland and then the royalist governor seized his ship, he escaped.  Ingle returned in February 1645 with the ship Reformation, and attacked the Maryland colony in the name of Parliament. He attacked the settlement of St. Mary's and imprisoned leaders of the colony. Royalist proprietary governor Leonard Calvert fled to Virginia.  Ingle took control of the local government. Under Ingle's leadership, his men looted property of wealthy catholic settlers. Ingle claimed that he had letter of marque [to seize as a pledge] to cruise in the waters of Shesapeake [sic] and the permission of a new government in England. Local settlers regarded him as a pirate. He put two Jesuit priests to chains and transported them back to England. The events are known as the "Claiborne and Ingle's rebellion".  Governor Calvert returned in August 1646 and reestablished his control. Though most of his men were granted amnesty, Ingle was specifically excepted from it and executed.

August 17, 1648, Stone was appointed governor of the province. He was an intense Protestant, of the Parliamentary party, from Northampton County, Virginia (Allen, History of Maryland); so were his secretary and a majority of the Council. The population, on account of a rebellion, was mostly Protestant. The Assembly, April 21, 1649, wrote a letter to Baltimore in which mention is made of the rebellion "in which time most of your lordship’s loyal friends here were spoiled of their whole estate and sent away as banished persons out of the province. Those few that remained were plundered and deprived in a manner of all livelihood and subsistence." Ingle had banished the Roman Catholics from Maryland and as Hammond truly says, only "a few Papists" were left.  That state of affairs continued throughout the century.

The Maryland Toleration Act (1649) [proposed by Lord Baltimore] was one of the first laws that explicitly tolerated varieties of religion (as long as it was Christian), and is sometimes seen as a precursor to the First Amendment.  After Virginia made the practice of Anglicanism mandatory, a large number of Puritans migrated from Virginia to Maryland, and were given land for a settlement called Providence (now Annapolis). In 1650, the Puritans revolted against the proprietary government and set up a new government that outlawed both Catholicism and Anglicanism. This lasted until 1658 when the Calvert family regained control and re-enacted the Toleration Act.

In 1659 The Quakers were persecuted in Maryland.  In carrying out their practices they were accused of disturbing the government.  They were all therefore, ordered to leave the province before the 5th of the following month, under the penalty of being treated as rebels and traitors.  When they paid no attention to this decree, they were ordered to be banished as it was directed that if found in the province again, they should be whipped thirty lashes at every constable’s till they were out of it; no person was allowed to harbor or conceal them, upon a pain of a fine of five hundered [sic] pounds of tabacco [sic].  

We know Maryland at this time to have been a very immoral community. The Rev. Mr. Yeo, who wrote at the time Lord Baltimore went to England in 1676, as given above reported to the Archbishop of Canterbury that the colony was a Sodom of uncleanness and a pesthouse of iniquity, and he ascribes as the cause, that the [Protestant] ministry were not provided with a support [from England], and so could not live in the colony.

Although Protestant himself, King Charles I was very tolerant of the Roman Catholic faith. Because of this there began to surface the fearful rumors of an attempt to restore the Church of England to “the true faith.” For Protestants this meant a return to “popery,” superstition, the selling of graces, Biblical ignorance and the belief in absolute monarchy.  This was a folly not to be tolerated by the democratically minded English. Unrest in England grew to fever pitch. Civil war broke out and Charles was eventually beheaded by the Puritan Lord Protector, Oliver Cromwell... This “Glorious Revolution” raised William and Mary to the thrones of England (1689) and prompted the legislation that from henceforth the sovereign of England must be and must marry a communicant of the Church of England.  The temper of the nation was apparent in a severe act against Catholics, which had equally painful effects in the colonies.  A price of 100 pounds [In England] was placed on the head of any officiating Romanist priest, who could be imprisoned for life. A Catholic reaching the age of eighteen was required to take the oath of allegiance and supremacy and to forswear transubstantiation and the worship of saints; in default he was to lose his property to his next Protestant kin, be debarred from public office and from holding land by purchase or inheritance.

Unfortunately for Lord Baltimore in this emergency, when William and Mary were established on the throne, and their title had been officially proclaimed, and they stood forth before England and the world as the defenders of the Protestant faith, Lord Baltimore, through no fault of his own, but through the untoward death of his messenger, was very slow in proclaiming them. The result of all these things was The Protestant Revolution.   The revolution consisted in getting the government of the colony out of Lord Baltimore's hands into those of the king and queen. When the matter was brought before the king he consented to the desire of the people, and the government passed over to his hands.   As far as is known, and as was declared at the time Lord Baltimore did nothing for religion, except for his own church. One of the charges against him in 1690 was that of erecting and founding chapels for the popish superstition, to the encouragement of popery and the subversion of the Protestant religion. And another was that he took advantage of escheats of lands bequeathed and devised to the use of the Protestant ministry.

English thought also wonderfully developed at this time, at any rate among statesmen, as the Toleration Act indicates. There was no necessity for any restriction upon any form of worship, and the right was finally conceded in all cases save that of the Roman Catholics, who, however unreasonably, were dreaded all through this time. The privilege of private worship was accorded them in their various chapels, which were found probably on all estates. But open church doors and invitations to enter, were forbidden. Proselytizing was dreaded. Protestant children were withdrawn from the influence of the Roman Catholic Church, as when the Protestant father dying, the mother was of the Roman faith. The importation of servants of the Roman faith was restricted; the privilege of exercising the franchise [to vote] was denied, not directly, but by the imposition of test oaths which no faithful Roman Catholic could take.

It is to be observed, however, in regard to all the oaths imposed, that such imposition was not the act of the Church of England as at this time established. That church was in a small minority [in Maryland]. It was not established by the act of its own members. All the stringent measures, like the act of establishment, the forty pounds per poll under it, the restraints put upon the Roman Church, the imposition of oaths, were the act of the people [of Maryland] irrespective of church connection. The oaths were imposed on vestrymen because they had certain civil duties to perform, and were, as vestrymen, State officials. The vestrymen need not be members of the Church of England, as was officially determined in one interpretation of the law, and sometimes they were not of that church. The same oaths were also imposed on all officers and that not only in the colony, but in England as well, being only of English enactment, and extended to the colonies in the agitation and anxiety of the day. 


The oaths spoken of above were these:

First, I do sincerely promise and swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to his majesty King William.  Secondly, I do swear that I do from my heart abhor, detest and abjure, as impious and heretical, the damnable doctrine and position that princes excommunicated and deprived by the Pope or any authority of the See of Rome, may be deposed or murthered (murdered) by their subjects or any other whatsoever.

Thirdly, And I do declare that no foreign prince, person, prelate or potentate, hath or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, primacy or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within the realm of England or the dominions thereto belonging.  Fourthly, the following test also was required of every church officer: We, the subscribers, do declare that we do not believe that there is any Transubstantiation in ye Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, or in the elements of bread and wine, at or after consecration thereof by any person or persons whatsoever.

When William of Orange and his wife Mary came to the throne and finally and firmly established the Protestant faith in England, Catholicism was outlawed in Maryland until after the Revolutionary War [1775-1783].  During the persecution of Maryland Catholics by the Puritan revolutionary government, all of the original Catholic churches of southern Maryland were burned down.  But the strict laws against Catholics in the colony relaxed to such an extent that in 1700 the Proprietary granted Charles Carroll Sr. [a signer of the Declaration of Independence] 10,000 acres “of the finest farmland in Maryland,” in what is presently Howard County.  Many wealthy plantation owners built chapels on their land so that they could practice their Catholicism in relative secrecy.  St. Mary's City was the largest site of the original Maryland colony, and was the seat of the colonial government until 1708 [when it was moved to Providence, now called Annapolis]. 

In 1715, Benedict Leonard Calvert, fourth Lord Baltimore, renounced his Catholic Faith and embraced the Anglican Faith.  Full control of Maryland was returned to the formerly Catholic Calvert family.  He restored the original Great Seal of 1648, which had been lost in Ingle’s Rebellion, as the seal to be used on all official acts of state government.  [Recorded in Latin on the Great Seal are the words of God’s blessings on the righteous from Psalm 5:12: “With favor wilt Thou compass him as with a shield.”  Of the original thirteen colonies, Maryland is the only one to have the Scripture included on its seal.  This seal, restored for almost 300 years now, is displayed on every public building belonging to the State of Maryland.]  

In 1718, Roman Catholics in Maryland lose the right to vote until the Revolutionary War [1775-1783].  Through the next several decades religious and political tensions continued to flare. The Church of England was established as the official church of the colony.”





20 Statements made by Prophet Chuck Pierce in his book: The Future War of the Church,

 ►We must war against arrogant philosophies and rebellious attitudes — any ideas that exalt themselves above the mind of Christ.  We must be ready to bring those things into obedience to the Lord’s ultimate purpose for the earth.  God is calling His Church to awaken and become alert to the spiritual war around us.  We must be prepared to battle the spiritual forces behind ungodly philosophies that threaten to overtake entire societies.

 ►The future war of the Church is, therefore, a spiritual battle to see God’s will established on earth and whole societies turned from satanically inspired philosophies and practices to reflections of God’s marvelous power and glory.  Confrontations with demonic forces behind opposing belief systems will be the norm for the future, and God is calling His Body to prepare for the warfare we are entering even now.  Part of our preparation is to develop an understanding of our role in the establishment of government in the future.

 ►The spirit of fear creates an unsound mind, weakens power and negates love, while the fear of the Lord releases wisdom, and wisdom will unlock and dismantle demonic forces.  If we will tear down the spirit of fear that is hindering us and move into a new fear of the Lord, we will topple iniquitous patterns that allow principalities and powers to blind unreached people groups, cities and even entire nations to the light of the gospel.

 ►On December 31, 1985, the Lord revealed many things to me.  He showed me three distinct governmental structures on this Earth and their importance for the future of society.  God first showed me the Church as I knew it, a large brightly lit building of about 50 stories.  As I watched, the building became more and more rigid and unchangeable.  As it grew rigid the lights grew dim.  God then showed me two other buildings rising up, the first being labeled Militant Religious Governments (the isms). This building was being constructed rapidly and had great strength.  The third picture was of a building that was filled with light and was called My Future Kingdom Authority.  The building was very small and was just beginning to form.  Several words appeared on its foundation.  They were the five ascension gifts listed in Ephesians 4:11 that make up the government of God: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.  God was bringing order to these five gifts and was placing them in the foundation.  He said that this order would become very visible over the next 12 years and once the proper order had been established He would rapidly transfer His people to the new structure.  God then said to me: “This is the government of the Church of the future that will arise and spread My light throughout the world in the latter days.  This government will overcome all other governments.  When this government is in order, you can then command governments of the earth to come into order.”  In the vision just shared, the Church was undergoing a great transition, moving from the Existing Church Structure to the Church of The Future.  According to the word I received, in this hour, God is preparing the Church for war.      

►The coming days will be likened to those of Moses, in which demonstrations of God’s power will overthrow today’s pharaohs in order to bring about the redemption of entire territories.  In the days ahead we will see God make a path of freedom for His people who have been held captive, and we will see evil forces rendered powerless as God executes judgment on them.

►Like no other time in history, the Church has the opportunity in the coming days to deal with the spirit of lawlessness, dethrone the powers that sit on thrones of iniquity and evangelize those caught in the structure of false religions (what we call the isms).  We also need to understand the new system of government that God is bringing to the Church to carry us into the future.

►I believe the Body of Christ has entered a new season in which the Lord is raising up apostolic leadership for the future.  This is part of the preparation process.  The Lord is preparing us for war so that we might obtain our future.  If we do not war against these things, we will never possess the inheritance God has given us.  In preparing for war we must realize there will be a time for our warfare to end.

►God’s pattern for government in the Body of Christ is clear: first apostles, second prophets, then teachers, pastors and evangelists.  The transition taking place in the Body of Christ is really a changing of wineskins (see Mark 2:22).  The new wine God is longing to pour into His Body, is the power, understanding and wisdom we will need to face the future war of the Church.  Changing the wineskin — in this case a changing of government in the Body — is a crucial part of our preparation for the war. 

►God is transforming our minds so that we can have the mind of Christ, and He is searching out those with a heart to lead the troops in the days ahead.  Jesus came to fulfill the Law and the prophets.  He did this through love and through the Cross.  Faith works by love and faith overcomes.  But when we are legalistic with one another, faith is weakened and we fall into criticism and judgmentalism rather than walking in the love of Christ.      

►There is a holy sanctification going on in the Body today as He prepares us to stand against the forces that are holding captive our families, churches and cities.  He is going to have us dethrone the thrones of iniquity in our lives and in the regions where we live.  He is going to give us the strength to drive the enemy out of our fields.   

►This universe in which we live, which includes the sun, the moon and the galaxies of stars and planets, may be called the first heaven.  So if we live on Earth but have access to heavenly places through prayer, why is God’s will not always done on Earth as it is in heaven?  The answer lies in the second heaven where Satan, the prince of the power of the air (Eph 2:2) and his demons contest God’s reign and His angels.  The enemy attempts to block heaven’s will from being done on Earth through a demonic hierarchy that is positioned between us and the third heaven.   

►The only entity on Earth with the power to break strongholds of Satan and break through his domain in the second heaven is the Church.  While we have always had the tools, within the past few decades we have come to a greater understanding of the spiritual warfare that is necessary to destroy the strategies and structures the enemy has in place in the second heaven.  God is establishing a new authority in His Church to break through to the third heaven, gain the heart of God and carry that revelation back to Earth where we can accomplish His will.  As we do, we will change the very atmosphere around us — God’s will being done on Earth as it is in heaven.  This is what we pray for every time we pray the Lord’s prayer. 

►The Church exists to see the Kingdom of God established and operating on Earth.   

►Satan’s assigned hierarchy rules from a throne built on the corporate iniquity of a region, and his throne is linked with the worship in that area.  Satan knows that men and women were created as vessels of worship, and whether they realize it or not, they will worship something.  The simple fact is that either they are worshiping the true and living God, or they are worshiping Satan and his demonic forces whether overtly or through their sins (sins of omission or commission).  It is this corporate sin that builds the foundation of the throne on which Satan is seated. It is from that throne that demonic forces work to perpetuate the sin and establish the throne to an even greater extent. 

►This hierarchy is like a dark black band formed in the second heaven and connects this structure of powers and principalities with the individuals in Satan’s confederation.  These poor souls in Satan’s service are puppets used by powers and principalities to maintain Satan’s rule in a given region.  In this hour the Lord is telling us we must get active.  He wants to see this whole structure crumble, so that the captives underneath can be liberated…  Just as Ezekiel did, we must speak to the dry bones and command them to be brought back to life.  This kind of prophetic declaration will not only reestablish God’s purpose for a territory, but it will bring those within the territory to give up hope deferred and instead rebuild that which the enemy has destroyed. 

►There is tremendous power in travailing prayer because it births the will of God on Earth.  This type of prayer always outflanks the devil, who is so strongly opposed by the new thing God is producing as a result of travail.  Therefore, we need to have an understanding of what God is wanting to birth through us.  We, like Hannah, need to be in tune with what God is ready to bring forth in this hour.  This can only be done through intimacy with God and a willingness to allow Him to use us in travail.  Once we identify the burden God wants us to pray about we begin to agonize and feel a sense of urgency like that of a mother in labor.  The burden becomes our own baby, as God’s heart for seeing that thing brought forth begins to press down on our spirits.  With this burden comes an oppression, but it’s not the oppression of the devil.  If your assignment, for instance, is a travail to break oppression over a certain family on God’s heart, you may actually begin to feel the oppression they are under.  War until the oppression breaks — until, as in natural childbirth, the opening in the second heaven is large enough so that God’s will can come forth on the earth.  

►Many in the Body of Christ are referring to the direction the Church is taking as the New Apostolic Reformation.  Once we understand the new order that God is bringing, we will then see a new authority begin to arise in the Church.  This authority will enable us to overthrow the enemies that have resisted us in past seasons.  Fatherhood is an earmark of the New Apostolic Movement where those in leadership do not see themselves as denominational leaders but rather as fathers of the house.  They take the role of spiritual fatherhood seriously, and they are determined to raise up the next generation to accomplish even greater things in the Kingdom of God.  

►When God gives apostolic authority within the Church, He establishes spheres of influence that allow us to see our cities and territories transformed.  God is establishing apostles and He is giving them spheres, or covenant boundaries, for which they are responsible.  If you want to see your city transformed, the Church in your region must understand God’s use of apostles for this purpose. 

►If you know you are in a place because God put you there, you are positioned where you are because you are part of God’s covenant plan — a plan not only for your own life but also for the territory in which you live.  What God is trying to do is set spiritual fire to your territory and for that to happen all His people in the region must understand their covenant place. 

►Under the New Covenant, the Lord has given us access through His Spirit to dismantle the things in the heavens that are holding back His inheritance for a territory.  We are to war with the powers and principalities that are withholding blessings.  The Lord will clothe us in authority and release to us power that will cause His glory to be seen all over the earth.  (Permission to print the above granted by Glory of Zion Ministries, 02/09/06.)







  1. FAITH: Jesus said: “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.  Behold I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you” (Luke 10:18-19).  “And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out devils; they will speak with new tongues (Mark 16:17).  “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, And in Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth” (Acts1:8).  Jehoshaphat said in 2 Chronicles 20:20, “Hear me O Judah and you inhabitants of Jerusalem: Believe on the Lord your God and you will be established; believe His prophets and you shall prosper.” 

Suggested reading: I GIVE YOU AUTHORITY, by Charles Kraft. 


  1. APOSTOLIC AUTHORITY: Be in submission to a ministry with APOSTOLIC AUTHORITY in accordance with Heb 13:17. Expect opposition but put on your armor (Eph 6) and know that you have the greater power for victory.


  1. BOUNDARIES: Know and minister within your geographical boundaries.  The writer believes that he has been given apostolic authority in the spiritual realm in Maryland.


  1. DESIRE: Have a desire (passion) to see your unsaved and/or unsanctified family, friends, and loved ones set free from the power of darkness to know (experience) the Light and Love that Jesus Christ died for them to have.  Make a list of these persons and lift them up specifically before God’s Throne in the prayer and warfare process.


  1. IDENTIFY THRONES:  Identify the thrones of iniquity in your geographical area and add to the writer’s list.


  1. WORSHIP AND PRAYER: Pray, after a time of worship, with repentance when appropriate.  Include The Lord’s Prayer “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth (in your life and the lives of those on your list) as it is in heaven.”  Continue praying after asking for our daily bread and forgiveness, “lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil for Thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory forever, Amen!”  (Mt 6:9-13).  Declare other Scriptures that build your faith for warfare such as; “I will build My Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it” (Mt 16:18).   Suggested reading: WORSHIP WARRIOR by Chuck Pierce.


  1. BEGIN AGGRESSIVE WARFARE: Verbally bind Satan (Mark 3:27).  From our privileged position of being seated in heavenly places (the third heaven) with Christ (Eph 2:6), by faith begin to dethrone him and/or his agents in the second heaven (territorial spirits, strongholds, powers & principalities, rulers of the darkness of this world) — as the Holy Spirit leads in this or a similar way: “Satan, I dethrone you from the throne of iniquity of (laser type focus rather than shotgun approach by naming the thrones from your list one at a time or in multiples); “I dismantle and destroy it (them) and break your gates to release God’s people that you have held captive that they might know the love of God.”   IN GROUP SETTINGS, we feel that authoritative prayer from all members at one time works best, with a short break for comments, reflection and/or revelation after a number of thrones have been destroyed.  


  1. PULL DOWN THE VEIL AND PROPHESY: By faith according to 2 Cor 10:3-6, pull down the veil from the understanding of the captives who have been released from Satan’s hold so that they may enter into a new level of belief.  Prophesy the word of the Lord for them into the heavens to be released in God’s timing.


  1. PRAY: Ask the Lord to pour out His Spirit through the openings in the black bands in the second heaven where those demolished iniquitous thrones had tried to block His grace.  Believe and decree that those on your list will be touched by the Great Awakening which is being released in this Final Church Reformation.  Ask Him to bring conviction of sin, righteousness and judgment, and the Spirit of repentance.  Pray that He will touch those who are being released with dreams and visions and with the Light and Love of His presence, and offer other prophetic prayer as led.


  1. BE PERSISTENT: “Be not weary in well doing for we shall reap in due season if we faint not” (Gal 6:9).


  1. NOTE VICTORIES: Make a note of your victories and share them with other intercessors.


  1. THIS WARFARE WILL END: “In preparing for war we must realize there will be a time for our warfare to end.”  Statement by Chuck Pierce in The Future War of the Church.

Respectfully submitted, Tom Reinecke, Updated 05/20-2011