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Written comments on "Ministry Evaluation Form" from visitors

►  The presence of the Lord is here.  The Lord told me to take off my shoes — I am on Holy ground. 

► Excerpts From a New Student's Letter: Even though I sensed the world was so dark and I wanted to make a difference, I didn’t realize how quickly my submission to weekly activations would lead to more and more diverse experiences of the Holy Spirit working through me.  I started to see with my spiritual eyes rather than my physical ones.  Each and every week increased my sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s direction and I found myself being prompted by the Holy Spirit at home, at church and even on the street.  This had never happened to me so often before.  I knew something was different.  I was growing.  I was growing more dependent on the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit was giving me more opportunities to encourage, build up and comfort others.  The world didn’t look so dark but rather more in need of comfort, edification and exhortation.      If teacher Jon Winters’ weekly activation challenges weren’t enough, she or Pastor Tom spoke about us seeing more miracles.  More miracles didn’t register with me at first either.  Then I started hearing about them, I started witnessing them and then I started being a part of them, then I knew the Bible was real and the miracles in the Bible was not just for the past but for today and tomorrow as well.  Now I am confident, if I continue to be submissive to the Holy Spirit, God will continue to reveal his love through me to help brighten this world I currently live in.

    I thank my fellow students for helping me with my weekly activations.  I thank my wonderful teacher, Jon Winters.  I thank Pastor Tom and his wife, Phyllis, for their love and open arms in accepting me as new student.

    I strongly encourage anyone interested in learning more about what God can do through them to attend the School of the Holy Spirit.  I’m not finished learning; are you?  

E-mail: I cannot tell you how valuable the prophetic word I received last year on my birthday in December from your prophetic team has meant to me.  This past year, I have sought God like never before and watched as their prophetic word has unfolded and taught me in many ways.  You and your ministry have been such a gift to me!  This past year has not been an easy one but God has been faithful and I look forward to His leading and what He desires to do with my life in the future. 

►: I was listening to the prophetic words spoken over me, and I am just utterly amazed by what was spoken!  Some words were confirmations, some were answers to questions, some words were encouragement. I am looking forward to learning more about our God in your school. I almost feel reborn because of the lifting of the veil from over my eyes! I can't wait to see what God is doing!  In the matchless name of Jesus, thank you for your ministry!

►: I just want to thank you guys.  You are appreciated.

►:  Very edifying.  I will be back.

►:  I felt God's presence in the Praise & Worship.  The prophetic team spoke pure prophetic words confirming many things I have heard from Jesus.  Generally the meeting helped me to feel welcomed, when so many others cannot understand my oldness for Jesus.

►:  Well done thou good and faithful servants of the Lord.

►: The prophecy was inspiring and it confirmed my current state and the plans I believe God has in store for me.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Service as I was blessed as a result of being there.

► The Praise & Worship and Teaching were excellent. The Prophetic Ministry was very accurate.  It was a blessing to be in the House of the Lord.  All of you are blessings from God.  And I see  this House being a large House.  Numbers are too large for me to see.  Be blessed and thank you all.

►Via email : Hi Pastor Tom, The ministry I was led to join is in partnership with CI and we go up and down the East Coast teaching Ministering Spiritual Gifts and I serve on the prophetic team.    Thank you and the School of The Holy Spirit for giving me the confidence to walk in the prophetic.    We went on a mission trip to  Nicaragua for a week in early June - we taught Module I to 75 pastors.  Many of them got filled with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Again, thank you for the blessings you've been in my life.   Tell everyone I said hello and give Pastor Phyllis a kiss for me.

 ► The teaching was excellent.  Word for word to the book.  The prophetic ministry team was very accurate — the best part of the evening.  I was amazed.  God has led me here.  I need to be here for His purpose.

 ►  I love the music.  It truly ushered in the Spirit of Worship.  I love the welcoming spirit and I miss Church being this way.  We need more like this.

► The Praise and Worship was awesome, the Teaching was awesome & confirming. and the Prophetic Ministry confirmed what my friend told me for the most part.

►  The three persons on the prophetic team that ministered to me were great!  It's only the second time I ever received a personal prophecy so it was great to have a "prophetic team" all for me.  The (prophetic) activations were awesome!  It was "my" first try.  I was slightly fearful but eager to learn and try.  The church is warm and friendly.  Very welcoming.

►  It was a very outstanding prophetic ministry team.  I really felt that every member knew me as a person with their empowering messages.

►  Those on the prophetic team were kind, sweet in spirit and humble to the Holy Spirit.  It was a pleasure worshipping with you.

► The prophetic ministry was so awesome & gentle and peaceful — spoke Scriptural.  It was on target.  (sic) Edify — gentle spirit of ministry team — spoke exact confirmation."

► "Thank you for welcoming me into the House of the Lord.  I'm a visitor, a New Jersey resident on my way home today.  My spirit led me to church because I needed a Spiritual feeding.  I truly need to seek the word of the Lord through your ministry.  My cousin pulled your ministry up online and I am so forever grateful we could come visit.  I will definitely be back."

► "I thank God for the loving spirit in this place."

►"The prophetic ministry was liberating!  Accurate, a blessing, uplifting, a tremendous encouragement hearing the heart of God for my life and my spouse.  The Service was Tremendous!  I have never experienced a Service quite like this.  It made me aware of God's un-interrupted presence in my life and corporately (in the Church)."  

► "Unforgettable experience."

► "The presence of the Lord rests on this ministry.  It is a place of healing and renewal."

► "An open worship full of liberty and freedom.  God deeply spoke to my heart.  The teaching was fully informative, instructive, clear and very helpful.  God revealed much to me tonight.  I will be back."

► "Praise the Lord.  What a blessing I wasn't expecting."

► "The word that I was given was so true...for me to trust the Lord...trust the Lord...trust the Lord."

Written Comments from visitors at our prior meeting place in Catonsville, MD.

►"I loved the worship.  The teaching was right on.  I felt so welcome here tonight.  The Lord's presence was here.  Thank You, Jesus"

►"The songs are very deep in meaning.  I found the teaching relevant.  I was truly blessed and edified."

►"The praise and worship is glorious.  It has been the best Friday night in a long time."

►"I truly love this outstanding school of God.  Nothing but the best.  Strong love and truth.  The Words were life, the love came from above."

►"The Presence of the Lord is here.  The prophetic words were directly from God and confirmation as to what He has been speaking to me."

►"I thank God for the leadership of this assembly, they truly walk in the fruit of the Spirit.  It is always excellent to feel the presence of God."

►"God used your words to minister to me in a mighty way as I felt His hand upon me heavily.  Areas that I had hoped that God would use me were confirmed by your prophetic team.  I want to thank you from deep within my heart.  Rest assured, your words were not taken lightly and I will work diligently to bring these things to pass, for His glory.  Quite honestly, I was a little bit skeptical for I had never seen this type of ministry in operation.  You couldn't have known me from Adam yet many of your words pierced my heart."  

►"I felt God's hand upon me twice as your prophetic team ministered, as God revealed things I had long hoped for."

►“I felt I needed to come tonight and the enemy said I was too tired. I needed to come and God met me through you all. My needs and prayers were met where I am right now.  Every need was met. I was carrying a lot of heavy burdens, worries and weights causing misery, no peace and confusion. Thank you so much for your ministry.” 

►“The prophetic ministry was very accurate (about) things I have been praying for. Other prophets have told me the same things will come to pass.”

►“The prophecy was a confirmation of a previous word.”

►“I have learned more about who I am in God from this prophetic teaching. I needed this for more understanding.  I had a very beautiful experience and I will be back.”

►“We were wonderfully blessed and encouraged.”

►“Very warm, sweet spirit of love resides here. Thank you for your ministry and allowing me to be blessed.”

►“It is a blessing. I can’t wait to see when God is going to move.”

►“We have been changed and are getting great results.”

►“The personal prophetic message was inspiring, liberating and powerful to tear down strongholds.”

►“Enjoyed the fellowship, worship and teaching. Thanks.”

►“I tell my friends that I’m going to the Love Club.”

►“We were blessed tremendously as we sang the prophetic songs of glory and honor to God.  The atmosphere and spirit of love and joy really  enhanced the flow of the worship."

►“The teacher went with the flow of the Spirit as he began to minister first to a few believers.  He used the Scripture and was very practical and clear concerning how to minister in the Marketplace."

►“The personal prophetic ministry left us impressed and blessed by the love, forthrightness, and humility of those who ministered to our family.”

►“This was such an uplifting worship service and I thank God for His spiritual team.”

►“This was not just a fellowship, but an experience.”

►“The worship here is real and the Presence of God is awesome.  The friendliness and warmth that I received from this church is awesome with so much love.”

►“I really enjoyed the teaching.  It was very clear and easy to understand.  I’m so blessed!

►“I had a very Beautiful experience here. I have learned more about who I am in God.”

"When I came in here tonight I was empty and now I am leaving full.  Thank you so much."

"This is a strong fellowship that reflects the love of our Lord.  The group is very edifying and sensitive to the Holy Spirit."